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Anybody who has ever played World of Warcraft for enough time knows that raiding is the game's core PvE content. They contain some of the best and strongest rewards you can earn, but also some of the toughest challenges. Each loot run performed with our help gives you a chance to earn some of the best available gear items and other rewards, as well as increase your character's overall power and item level. Our team will let you enjoy the spoils of a raid without any of its hassles!

WoW Carry Services in Raids

If you are still in doubt, here are the five main reasons to purchase a raid carry in WoW Dragonflight today:
1. Raids are the most difficult PvE content in the game;
2. WoW raids are completed in groups of 10-20 people;
3. Each raid boss requires tactics and team coordination to defeat;
4. To join a raid group you might need a very high item level;
5. WoW raids take a very long time (up to 5 hours or more for a single run!).
Add to that the potentially low skill level of your teammates and the frustration from dying to the same threat over and over, and the experience can become a chore to get through. If you choose to take help from us, however, you can say goodbye to these and any other issues and enjoy the content of the raids and their rewards to the fullest. Here's what you're getting by buying a loot run from us:
• Great loot (including powerful weapons and rare trinkets);
• Quick completion of any WoW raid in a group of professional players;
• No need to spend time on wipes and tryouts;

We offer our raid carrying services for ANY raid in the game, on ANY difficulty, and on ANY of the realms of EU and US regions. We will cater to any of your wishes! Generally, we offer the following services:
• WoW Normal raid loot run;
• WoW Heroic raid carry;
• WoW Mythic raid boosting;
• WoW Single Boss kill (any boss in any raid).

How does raid buying work in WoW?

WoW raids are essentially large dungeons with a number of boss fights and packs of regular enemies in-between them. Each boss encounter has its own strategy. You don't have to be in a group to enter a raid, but to successfully complete it you absolutely need 10-20 skilled people, especially on higher difficulties.
The hardest part of it all is, of course, getting over a dozen people with sufficient skill and item levels, all at the same time, to participate in this tough activity for potentially over 5 hours. It's no surprise, then, that purchasing raid runs from us is such a popular service. It's convenient and rewarding!

Raid carry advantages versus the traditional approach:

• You can save yourself weeks of tries and failures;
• You can get all the items you need;
• You can play in a group with professional players;
• You can learn the latest tactics on the hardest raid bosses;
• You can start on whatever time convenient for you!

Here is the breakdown of available raid difficulties:

Difficulty Challenge level Skill Requirement
LFR Easy Not much; Good for training and class learning.
Normal Moderate A basic understanding of your class and specialization.
Heroic Hard Full control over your class. Knowledge on how to play several specs.
Mythic VERY Hard Extreme skill. Some bosses may even require you to change your class.

ALL of these are available from us! For newer raids, we usually priorities normal and heroic carries loot runs, later offering the more challenging feats for best rewards, such as mythic raid runs and mythic bosses kills.
Here is some more information before you consider purchasing a raid carry from us.

WoW Raid Reset Timer

All of the raids in WoW are refreshed once a week between Tuesday and Wednesday. The exact time depends on the region you are playing in. Even though you can kill the bosses multiple times a week (except mythic mode), you can only get rewards from each once before the next reset.
You can buy a Normal/Heroic raid boost once a week but then help your friends kill any of the bosses as many times as you want. After purchasing the Mythic raid, you will not be allowed by the game to enter this raid with any other party until the weekly reset on Mythic difficulty.
If any of this sounds complicated to you, or if you have more questions relating to WoW raids on EU and US servers, you can refer to our customer support, who will gladly clarify any doubts you may have!

Our WoW Raid Boosting Team

Our raid boosting team has many years of experience in selling the professional WoW raid runs to its customers. Each one of our players has thousands of hours in the game and knows all of its intricacies. We always study the new game mechanics and are ready to tackle new raids for you as soon as they are released. Regardless of your chosen difficulty, we usually offer any current raids as soon as they are available, although mythic raids runs usually start a bit later into the patch.
Regardless of what raid you are interested in or what service you are seeking, our team is ready to help and answer your questions. If you don't believe us, you can always consult the numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot and Ownedcore left by our satisfied customers.

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