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Awakened Normal Raid
3.6 out of 5

Buy Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope Heroic Raid Boost

Awakened raids are a new way to experience the raid content offered previously in the Dragonflight expansion. Our Awakened Normal raid service is here to help you clear all the bosses in any desired Awakened Dragonflight raid on the Normal difficulty. If your goal is getting your character geared up fast in Dragonflight Season 4 and collecting some impressive tier sets while you're are it, this service is for you! Complete these tough challenges, get the brand-new tier sets, and unlock some sweet achievements with the help of our dedicated team.

The Voyaging Wilderling service includes the following:

Please note that our schedule only displays group loot runs for the service. If you wish to get a full priority run, you can always contact us directly though the live chat or the Discord server to specify the raiding schedule.

You will need: a level 70 character, a fresh raid cooldown for the desired raid, and an active Season 4 Awakened affix for the raid.

Here are all the additional options available to optimize your experience:

  • Group Loot - you can roll for any item for your spec throughout the raid run against the other players in the group. This way you can acquire up to three items per raid, but it isn't guaranteed.
    After the weekly server reset, you can also choose one of three items in the Great Vault to keep. This is the most affordable option.
  • Improved Group Loot - you are put into a group with 15 or more unsaved players, providing you with a chance to roll 4, 5, or 6 items from each of the bosses, which makes it two or even three times more likely for you to get your desirable gear drops;
  • Armor + Token Priority - you will be the only player in the group with the desired class armor type and tier token. But, all other items (such as weapons, rings, necklaces, trinkets, and cloaks) will be rolled randomly among the players.
    Choosing "pass" or "greed" during rolls counts towards the guarantee, but those items that lose the "need" roll do not. If you receive two copies of the same item, please, trade one of them to the raid leader. If not, the duplicates will also count.
  • Full Loot Priority - you will be the only customer in the whole raid, and you can also invite and share loot with one or two friends without paying any extra. Every single item that drops during the raid is yours to keep!

Attention: Guaranteed items cannot be chosen and are the minimum reward for your raid. If you place an order for an item that matches your class and specifications, this is considered a minimum guarantee in anyway.

How It Works:

  1. Select the desired additional options to improve your experience;
  2. Check with our raid schedule and make sure your desired raid is this week's Awakened;
  3. Complete the purchase and wait for starting time for us to contact you;
  4. Be ready to respond around five minutes of the chosen start time;
  5. Enjoy you raid completion!

Why choose Normal Awakened raid boost:

  1. Ease of completion (lowest difficulty for the decent rewards);
  2. Affordability (fair price for the outcome).
  3. Good loot from the Great Vault.
  4. An opportunity to learn the raid bosses and their

Our raid-clearing services are always of the highest quality. Trust in our experienced players to answer your call and provide you with a fast and enjoyable boss clear.

Here are some of the best items you can potentially obtain from each of the Awakened raids:

Vault of the Incarnates


Seal of Diurna's Chosen

Screaming Black Dragonscale

Cataclysmic Signet Brand

Broodkeeper's Promise

Beacon to the Beyond

Dreambinder, Loom of the Great Cycle

Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky 

Fyr'alath the Dreamrender


If you still have any questions, you can always reach us through the live chat here, on our website, or on our Discord server. We are ready all day, every day of the week, and are always here to help!

Our offer works in the following way:

  • After you have made an order, we will get in touch with you during 5-15 minutes.
  • We always discuss the boost schedule with our clients to match their plans and preferences.
  • The boost you have ordered will be made in the shortest time possible.
  • We use the handwork of our professional boosters so you may be sure that no bots of programs are involved.
  • If you choose piloted mode our expert boosters play with the VPN available for your country or location.
  • If you have any questions, you can easily get the answers in our LiveChat.

Here are some other important things you should be aware of. They concern the ‘Group Loot’ option and loot distribution policies.

When you use ‘Group Loot’, there is no guarantee that you will receive exactly the items that you need. You can only opt for the class of the gear for your character’s level and anything else is simply the matter of luck.

We can promise that you receive the minimum number of items because there are many other players who participate in the raid together with you. You can also trade the items if you would like to. By chance, therefore, you can get some items that are useless for your character. It sounds as a well-developed loot distribution policy and it does not depend on us.

We use the two main methods for your convenience - piloted and self-play ones. Let’s consider both of them in more detail:
  • Piloted: This implies that our professional booster will use your account to perform all the actions for you. This method helps save time and get a lot of loot without any effort. You can spend your time as you like - working, studying, or just lazing in the sun. Your closest ones will be happy, too, if you pay some attention to them. We will never demand giving us the password from your email or revealing the answer to your secret question so be sure that your account is reliably protected.
  • Self Play: You can participate in the battle together with our pro-boosters and get excited and thrilled as well. We will never ask for your personal information to do that. You will have peace of mind that your account is safe and you won’t have to share it with anyone else. So, if you are really worried about that, the Self Play variant is great for you.

    Select Awakened Raid

    Select Awakened Raid

    Loot Options

    Loot Options





Please, contact us
I don`t want to share my account. Can I play by myself?

Yes, if you want to have absolutely best gaming experience in dungeons and raids playing with one of our professional teams by yourself - just choose this option while on a product page before adding product to shopping cart. Keep in mind though that we may change extra fee for some services with selfplay option for obvious reasons as well as some our services can be done either with or without account sharing only.

If you have ordered the boost with a selfplay options, all you have to do is just come online at the appointed time, get direct invitation to a boost group and follow the group tagging bosses to be able to get loot, our team will do the rest.

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