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Dota mmr boosting
Excellent 4.9 out of 5

Dota 2

We offer both Selfplay (no account sharing) and Pilot (account sharing) types of service.

We are offering these services:
- Solo MMR boost (account sharing) and Duo MMR boost (no account sharing)
- Coaching - Hourly Coaching and Personal teacher
- Calibration boost (account sharing)
- Low Priority boost (account sharing)

Advantages of buying mmr boost at BalalaikaBoost

  1. Guarantee of completion. Our team of boosters consists of players with 6500+ mmr. Coaching is done at a very high level, we can teach you to play any role and any hero.
  2. Fast order processing. It will take 3-60 minutes to process you order and then our manager will contact you.

It is very hard to win by yourself, its time to join the team! Our tp players will boost your rating to any height.

You will have an opportunity:

  • play with people, who are very skilled allies and fearsome foes.
  • do not waste you time on assholes in random games.
  • show yourself and enjoy yourself playing at high rating.


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