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Mawsworn Soulhunter

Mawsworn Soulhunter
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Mawsworn Soulhunter farming service

Mawsworn Soulhunter — drops from 559k elite mob on the Maw, which called Gorged Shadehound, with chance low than 1%. To summon Gorged Shadehound, you need to kill a lot of mobs in the Maw and collect a group to kill it. Or you can Order our Mawsworn Soulhunter farming service.

This service contains collecting a special group, which will do all the maw requirements before Gorged Shadehound will summon. After that, we kill it and get for you Mawsworn Soulhunter. We will do this until Mawsworn Soulhunter will drop!