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Buy Glory of the Dragonflight Hero and get Shellack mount

Glory Of Dragonflight Hero
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Glory of the Dragonflight Hero Boost Info

Hello, adventurer. If you on this page, you maybe try a lot of times to get a full list of achievements from the dragonflight mythic instances. Nevertheless, it’s not easy, if you don’t know the right tactics, and have no team of professional boosters, that can give you all that you want almost free. Therefore, our balalaikaboost team can provide you our new service, which helps get all achievements from mythic dungeons, called Glory of the Dragonflight hero boost.

What this contains?

The main thing, which you will get from our boosting Glory of the Dragonflight Hero boost, is meta Achievement Glory of the Dragonflight Hero. However, to get this, we need to do many Mythic dungeon runs with full concertation and high skill of our team. As result, you’ll get full of these:

How it works

This service available in the pilot-mode and selfplay. In case you want to buy it with selfplay we need full concertation and coordination between our boosters and you to get you the Glory of the Dragonflight Hero as soon as possible. 

Before you order this service, you should be assumed about:

  • 70th level

As soon as possible, our manager will contact you to confirm the information and send the access of your account to our booster. We will start the dungeons run. And get back your access for the character, then we finish.