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Legion Timewalking Mage Tower Carry

Legion Mage Tower Timewalking Carry
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Scenario Name and Class Specialization can run it


Challenge QuestClass and Specialization can run it
Closing the EyeFrost DK, Havoc DH, Surv Hunter, Sub Rogue, Arms Warrior
An Impossible FoeUnholy DK, Feral Druid, Fire Mage, Outlaw Rogue, Elem Shaman, Fury Warrior
The God-Queen’s FuryArcane Mage, Ret Pala, Assassination Rogue, Enhance Shaman, Demo Warlock
Feltotem’s FallBeast Mastery Hunter, Windwalker Monk, Discipline PriestDestruction Warlock
The Highlord’s ReturnBlood DK, Vengeance DH, Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk, Prot Paladin, Prot Warrior
End of the Risen ThreatRestoration Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Pala, Holy Priest, Restoration Shaman
Thwarting the TwinsBalance Druid, Marksmanship Hunter, Frost Mage, Shadow Priest, Affliction Warlock

Buy Mage Tower Carry and you will get

Mage Tower challenges will grand the following rewards (most of them are achievements or cosmetics):

  • Achievement  A Towering Success  - for 1 completed Mage Tower Challenge
  • Tier 20 Recolored for your Class (Legion-themed armor) 
  • Guardian Druids who complete their specific challenge will obtain a Werebear appearance for their  Bear Form. This werebear is different from the ones originally available in Legion.
  • Mount Soaring Spelltome - for completing all Mage Tower Scenarios (7 unique quests done)
  • Achievement A Tour of Towers - for completing all Mage Tower Scenarios (7 unique quests done)
  • Feat of Strength Achievement  Tower Overwhelming - for completing all Mage Tower challenges on all classes and specializations

Mage Tower Boost Conditions

Balalaika Booster will complete the selected Mage Tower Challenge in piloted mode. 

Mage Tower will be automatically available every time the Legion Timewalking event is around. The Challenge and Mage Tower Scenarios will be available on the weekly reset (7 December for USA, Oceanic and 8 for EU Region) of the week the Legion Timewalking event starts and will end once the next reset maintenance starts (14 Dec US and 15 Dec EU)