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Rae’Shalare Death’s Whisper Boost

Rae’Shalare Death’s Whisper Boost
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Rae’shalare Death’s Whisper is a legendary weapon designed for hunters in the WoW Patch 9.1 Chains of Domination. It provides special advantages to players - that’s why it is strongly desirable. You can get it from Sylvanas Windrunner kill in the Sanctum of Domination raid. This weapon has level 233 and is found in the Normal mode. You can also upgrade it to the Heroic and Mythic modes with the help of the two items from them - Wraithwisp Sinew and Ethereal Fletching. Though, even in its normal mode, Rae’shalare is a dangerous weapon you would like to obtain as soon as possible.

However, everything is not as easy as you may think. The legendary bow has very low dropping chances so it can take you many attempts and even many weeks or months to get Rae’shalare. You can kill the last boss just once a week and even if you do it once, it does not mean that you obtain it. Remember that the weapon also has a lore value and you cannot buy it anywhere.

Though you don’t need to get frustrated. We, at BalalaikaBoost, have a special offer to you. You can buy Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper boost from us. Our service will allow you to farm the last boss kill as many times as you need to get the desired result.

Therefore, alongside Rae’Shalare, you can get:

The boost ETA is 20 minutes per 1 kill. However, you can opt for the last boss killing only once per week in the chosen difficulty. And it does not mean that Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper will drop immediately at the first go. It can take a number of attempts and we cannot say how many attempts are needed.

Info to Learn

If you are interested and want to acquire the Rae’shalare, Death’s Whisper boost from us, look for more information in the ‘Details’ section. You will find the description of the boosting process there. Or you may ask any questions to our support team and your manager.

Before placing the order on our website, you need to check whether your account corresponds to all the demands. You can see the details in the ‘Requirements’ section. If you have any further questions, ask them to our 24/7 support team via JivoChat, Discord or Skype.


Obtain Rae’Shalare from BalalaikaBoost and Get the Stunning Progress in Your Game

So, how does it all work?

  1. You choose to place the order on our website indicating the number of attempts you would like to have (it may normally require 2-5 attempts or more).
  2. Our support manager will contact you as soon as your order is confirmed and paid.
  3. You can choose the Piloted or Self Play mode for boosting.
  4. Our raiders will slay Sylvanas Windrunner every week making all those attempts to gain the hunter’s bow and one of them is sure to be successful.
  5. You can choose the time for boosting which is the most convenient for you. If you opt for the PIloted mode, do not use you account alongside the booster or you can be blocked from the game by the system.
  6. We do all our operations manually without any bots or third-party programs.
  7. We will use the VPN of your country and location to reliably protect your account from blocking.
  8. You will be able to see all the processes via the private live streaming channel and/or get the screenshots of the main phases of boosting if you choose the PIlted mode.
  9. Our support team will be available 24/7 so you can ask them any questions, share your concerns or doubts if any, or get additional information about the boost.

You Will Have Two Options to Complete the Boost with

There are two methods of receiving Rae’shalare from the boost - the Piloted and Self Play modes. You can opt for one of them.

Piloted.  One of our expert boosters will play with your character instead of you. You need to specify the suitable time of the game and provide our player with the login and password to your account. We will use all this information very accurately and securely so that you will not be kicked out of the game.

Self Play. You will do the raid yourself. Though, you will need to follow all the instructions of the raid leader to complete the Sanctum of Domination successfully. You also need to agree about the time of the raid with our support manager. You will get the extensive experience of the breathtaking gameplay with our professional team so enjoy it.