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Buy Arena Full Gear Item Level Boost

3.6 out of 5
Buy Arena Full Gear carry and you will getPvP Gear Service CarryFull Arena Gear Service Carry

Buy Arena Full Gear carry and you will get

  • You will get an average PvP item level of PvP Full Gear.
  • Important notice: We guarantee just average item level of your gear. Some items might be lower, some higher then chosen item level in option you pick, but in the result you will get selected average item level;
  • We will farm Arena 3v3 and 2v2 for you with team of profesional PvP boosters
  • You will get a lot of Conquest, Honor, Wins and other things during this service;
  • This service available in piloted or selfplay modes

PvP Gear Service Carry

Here is how the entire process will go:

  1. Your character will be boosted to required amount of arena wins until you get full gear boost
  2. Entire process of arena games will start at the time that is most suitable for you and we will always inform you if there are any changes in the schedule.
  3. ETA is 3-5 days

Full Arena Gear Service Carry

Only Piloted method is available for this service!

Piloted.  It is recommended to choose a Piloted method for your Full PvP Gear boost. The odds of getting exactly what you want grows extensively. That’s because our experienced booster will  be playing for you. Though, you will need to provide them with the login and password to your account. We use VPN of your country and only handwork without any bots and third-party programs to protect your account.

Product is currently unavailable
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I don`t want to share my account. Can I play by myself?

Yes, if you want to have absolutely best gaming experience in dungeons and raids playing with one of our professional teams by yourself - just choose this option while on a product page before adding product to shopping cart. Keep in mind though that we may change extra fee for some services with selfplay option for obvious reasons as well as some our services can be done either with or without account sharing only.

If you have ordered the boost with a selfplay options, all you have to do is just come online at the appointed time, get direct invitation to a boost group and follow the group tagging bosses to be able to get loot, our team will do the rest.

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