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Valor Points Farm Boost

Valor Points Farm Boost
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Purchase WoW Valor Points Boost in Shadowlands

You can gain the points in two ways - by completing either Mythic + dungeons or daily Covenant Calling Quests. Both ways can be a bit time-consuming or even stressful if you do it with the random parties from LFG. After the introduction of Valor Points with the cap  of 5 000 points received at the content release and 750 points every week, many players rushed to upgrade their gear. However, such updating requires certain conditions to be met and that has placed one more burden on the gameplay. So, you can upgrade your previously looted items with Valor Points only if:

  • you have received the M+ items in Patch 9.2;
  • if you have gained a specific rating in Mythic+;
  • if you have gained the Shadowlands achievements in Season Three, such as Keystone Conqueror, Keystone Explorer, and Keystone Master.

As for the rating points, look for the following:

  • Rank 5 and lower (ilvl 226) does not have any achievement for this upgrade;
  • Rank 6 (ilvl 229) or higher needs 600 Mythic+ rating points;
  • Ranks 8-9 (ilvl 233-236) or higher need 1000 points of rating;
  • Rank 10 (ilvl 239) or higher demands 1400 rating score;
  • Rank 11 (ilvl 242) or higher needs 1700 Mythic+ points;
  • Rank 12 (ilvl 246) requires a rating of 2000 points.

Any Mythic+, at any difficulty, awards the same amount of Valor Points. We can boost the rating and farm Valor points for you completing the dungeons in the ‘without timer’ mode. Just connect our service managers and tell them what your achievements are and what you would like to gain.

By using our service, you will obtain the following benefits:

  • Any number of Valor Points chosen by you will be farmed.
  • You will get 135 Valor Points for every single run.
  • Your chances to get the items of 262+ ilvl will grow (you will be able to get 1-2 items randomly from every loot).
  • You will gain the gear from the Great Vault on a weekly basis at the level depending on the highest score of the dungeon we will be completing for you.
  • All the gold, items, and useful things that will be dropping during the boost will be yours.
  • With some optional requests to boost your achievements and rating, you will be able to upgrade your gear in Mythic+ difficulty, no matter what your current level is.

The ETA for each run is 20 minutes and we can do it either by Piloted or Self-Play methods.

WoW Valor Points Boost Service Info

Get as Many Vapor Points as You Need from Balalaikaboost and Become as Strong and Powerful as You Would Like to Be

We will reduce your stress and worries by the fastest farming of Valor Points you can ever expect with the 100% guarantee of the order completion. We will ensure that:

  1. Our experienced professional players will provide you with the highest number of Valor Points for your successful gear upgrading in Mythic+.
  2. They will do the clean and fast runs into the dungeons for your most benefit.
  3. You will get as many successful runs as you need.
  4. The 24/7 professional support will be provided to you.
  5. The safety of your account is guaranteed by using the VPN of your preferred place.
  6. Our boosters never use bots, scams, or third-party programs, only hand work.
  7. We will provide you with a live streaming option to follow the process if you do the boosting in Piloted mode (which is strongly recommended for more considerate success).

You will be able to move on in your gameplay by getting a great number of Valor Points according to your needs.

Make Your Choice Between the Two Methods of Valor Points Farm Boosting - Piloted or Self-Play Ones to Satisfy Your Needs and Ambitions Properly

Piloted. Our experienced player will do everything for you playing in your account. So, you will need to provide him with the login and password. Not any other sensitive information is required so you do not need to worry much. Your account will be safe. Though mind that it will be occupied at the moment of boosting so you won’t be able to use it on your own at that time. You can discuss the most appropriate time for completing the service with the support manager.

Self-Play. You will play in your account yourself without sharing the login and password. However, you will be advised and monitored by our professional boosters. So your task here is to follow their recommendations thoroughly and attentively.