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Tazavesh and Dungeons

Shadowlands dungeons Boost carry

On this page, you can find all our services for dungeon boosting carry. Balalaikaboost is a professional team, that can run for you in normal, heroic, or mythic modes. If you looking for mythic + dungeon boost carry. Watch our other page. If you want to get your first pre-bis gear, and can’t spend a lot of time in a boring dungeon in heroic mode, you can ask us to boost you in these dungeons.

After you’ll get gear requirements to mythic, you can continue boosting by buying 8/8 mythic dungeon carry.

Also, we provide some special services, like the glory of shadowlands hero, which means, you need to do all achievements on the mythic mode dungeons. This can spend a lot of time. But if you use the power of balalaikaboost, you can save your time, and nerves.

We prepare you to raiding, by our dungeon services, like:

  • 8/8 heroic.
  • 8/8 mythic.
  • Farm full gear.
  • Do the glory of shadowlands achievement.

Special for customers

Special for our customers, we provide some extra options.

  • At first, you can order a single dungeon in heroic or mythic mode. Also, you should get our page with mythic+ pro boosting.
  • At the second, we provide pilot-mode play carry. This means, that you can complete all Dungeons, and save your nerves, and time.
  • In addition, if you ordered all 8/8 dungeons run, you’ll get a discount from us.

Note: please below you order Mythic runs on the balalaikaboost, check that you are not on the CoolDown.