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Loremaster of Shadowlands Boost

Loremaster of Shadowlands Boost
  • EU
  • US
  • Awaken, Ardenweald
  • Blade of the Primus
  • Full Loremaster of Shadowlands
  • Sojourner of Ardenweald
  • Sojourner of Bastion
  • Sojourner of Maldraxxus
  • Sojourner of Revendreth
  • The Master of Revendreth
  • The Path to Ascension
LoreMaster of Shadowlands boost

LoreMaster of Shadowlands — is the first and the most important Meta-achievement that needs from the player a lot of free time. You must have it before start raiding, torghasting, or dungeoning. That is why we provide this service from the start of the expansion. Now you can order our LoreMaster of Shadowlands boost.

What contains

LoreMaster of Shadowlands boost Contains 8 standard achievements. You can order them by simple, or get the full boost and took your Meta achievement.

Usually, progress continues from 1 to 4 days, depends on your progress through expansion. Order our LoreMaster of Shadowlands boost service and get:

  1. Tons of gold.
  2. A lot of anima.
  3. Torghast, maw, raids, and chosen covenants unlock.
  4. 8 Achievements with 80 points. 
  5. Sojourner of bastion, maldraxxus, ardenweald, revendreth.
  6. Awaken of Ardenweald. 
  7. Master of Revendreth.
  8. Blade of primus rare achievement.
  9. Pre-dungeon gear with a lot of blue and some purple items.

Chosen this meta-achievement boost you’ll prepare for all challenges, which waits for you in the Shadowlands Expansion of the World of Warcraft. And you will get a good reputation boost, which can help you to get better gear than others!

Let’s economy your time, nerves. We will do all the routine with LoreMaster of Shadowlands boost for you!


This service provides only in pilot-mode. That’s why you should be assumed about:

  1. You can share for our access, by unchecking authenticator. We’ll use your vpn country.
  2. Your character is 60 lvl. 
  3. You have Shadowlands expansion.

We have no gear requirements for this service, cause it’s only questing. Also for some quest, which needs to get a group, we attach you to our best players, to do this better, faster, and back for your control of account as soon as possible.

Enjoy from The Shadowlands challenges, not routines. Be the best and dominate by using Balalaikaboost service for LoreMaster of Shadowlands boost