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Gladiator Title Boost - Buy WoW Glad Carry Service

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Get the most difficult PvP title by purchasing the Gladiator Title. To add one of the rarest mounts in the entire WoW Dragonflight to your collection, you need a rating of at least 2400 and the necessary 50 wins above 2400, which are both provided by our professional players. Get into the TOP 0.5% of WoW players with the title by ordering a PvP carry!

Get into the TOP 0.5% of WoW players with the title by ordering a PvP carry! There is a particular treatment for your confidence that enables our players to ensure that your order will be successfully completed:

  • 2400+ Rating and 50+ Wins above 2400;
  • Gladiator Drake mount;
  • Gladiator title;
  • Feats of Strength achievement;
  • Great Vault rewards;
  • PvP gearing.

Info to Learn

You will receive the greatest PvP gear in addition to the Gladiator mount, and as an added treat, we will harvest the Vicious Saddle for you free so you can add another seasonal mount to your collection. The fastest method to fulfill every significant PvP goal from Dragonflight Season 1 at once is to do it this way.

Simply contact us via live chat to talk with one of our managers about getting the Gladiator title with the Self-play option. During practice Arena bouts, our boosters will evaluate your level of expertise, and we'll then work to determine the best course of action for you.

  • Our boosters have over 10 years of PvP experience and play every season at 2700+ exp level;
  • We organize a team especially for your character, to get the best possible class setup to achieve maximum chemistry for the regular wins;
  • Our teams know the most profitable time slots for Arena fights, where more people are involved in matchmaking and the average winrate of the team will be higher;
  • If your character has the wrong talents or doesn't have high-rated PvP gear, our boosters take care of it.


Obtain the Dragonflight Gladiator title from BalalaikaBoost and Become an Outstanding Gladiator for More Achievements and Victories

To get the mount via our boost you will have to follow a certain procedure which looks like this:

  1. Navigate to the options on Balalaikaboost and pick out the mount boost you would like to receive.
  2. Place the order, pay for it, and confirm your choice.
  3. Our support manager will connect with you and talk about the plan of boosting. The support team is working 24/7.
  4. Get involved in the game with our professional boosting team if you opt for Self Play.
  5. Relax and enjoy the game played by our expert booster for your character in the Piloted mode.
  6. Get all the screenshots of the key points of boosting or watch everything via the private live stream channel.
  7. Get your Gladiator’s mount and fly it up into the beautiful skies of Dragonflight.

However, take into account that:

  • The boosting time may vary depending on your choice of the Piloted or Self Play modes and some other factors.
  • We are always doing our best to deliver the fastest service to you.
  • If you want to choose the Self Play method, your PvP skills should be great and your character needs to be well-geared with the top-grade PvP armor.

The boost we provide is always safe and secure for your account because we never use bots or third-party programs but do everything manually. We use the VPN of your place for further protection.

Both Piloted and Self-Play Methods Are Available for Your Choice

Piloted. You provide the login and password to your account to our booster and at an appointed time he starts playing for your character. You can sit back and enjoy the process via the live stream channel or through screenshots from the main events.

Self Play. You play on your own together with our professional team. You do not need to share your login and password here but you should follow all the pieces of advice from our booster and never be in a hurry because you can make bad mistakes and lose the game. Here, you must be a master in PvP Arena combat. If you don’t feel confident enough, it is always better to opt for the Piloted mode.

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I don`t want to share my account. Can I play by myself?

Yes, if you want to have absolutely best gaming experience in dungeons and raids playing with one of our professional teams by yourself - just choose this option while on a product page before adding product to shopping cart. Keep in mind though that we may change extra fee for some services with selfplay option for obvious reasons as well as some our services can be done either with or without account sharing only.

If you have ordered the boost with a selfplay options, all you have to do is just come online at the appointed time, get direct invitation to a boost group and follow the group tagging bosses to be able to get loot, our team will do the rest.

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