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Corridor Creeper – Torghast Reward

Corridor Creeper – Torghast Reward
  • EU
  • US
  • Piloted
  • Self Play


Corridor Creeper — is the most epic mount, which available on the Shadowlands as soon as the Tower of Damned opens. Only “the chosen dominators” can keep the Corridor creeper. This mount is much hard to farm, to get it you should spend a lot of nerves, going to Torghast with PickupGroups, and falling and falling… Or you can buy corridor creeper — Torghast reward by Balalaikaboost team. 

We will economy your nerves, your time, and you’ll get a lot of pleasure, then we complete all 8 layers for corridor creeper!

How it works

The farming infinity dungeon is simple, but the result depends on the booster’s skill. That’s why we can guarantee good progress in Torghast from start. To get our Corridor creeper — torghast reward boosting service you should do some simple things!

At first, you should choose some options like:

  1. Server. Eu/us
  2. Realm.
  3. Self-played or pilot-mode.

Pilot-mode means, that you give to us control of your account, and from your character will play our booster, It economies a lot of time and nerves for you.

After that, our manager will contact you to confirm all details. Then you share to our access, and we collect for you much-geared boosters, that we have, to get the best group for Torghast farming. We will farm Torghast for a lot of tries until Corridor creeper will drops.

We can do this in one or more runs, Torghast dungeon isn’t easy for any boosters, and sometimes random encounters fall all groups in the 8th layer.

What you’ll get

For buying Corridor creeper —you’ll get not only mount. All list of rewards contains:

  1. All 8 layers of corridor wing!
  2. Achievement: twisted corridors!
  3. Special title: Spirestriker.
  4. Your epic mount — Corridor Creeper.
  5. Special pet, which calls death seeker.
  6. Helm of Domination.

Also, you will get tons of anima, which will be dropped through we do this achievement, and getting a mount for you. You’ll get not bad chances to up your gear from random drops, and took a lot of matts, recipes, and some specific for runecrawler in the maw!


Before you will order service Corridor Creeper farming, check this:

  1. You get Shadowlands expansion.
  2. You have unlocked Torghast, the tower of Damned.
  3. You have a character with 60 lvl.
  4. You can share to us access.

We use only the trusted VPN of your country. That’s why you will don’t disturbed, or banned, or get attention for suspicious actions.

Good luck with Torghast, And get your Corridor creeper, you deserve it!