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Predatory Plagueroc

Predatory Plagueroc
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Predatory Plagueroc

Predatory Plagueroc — New model of Protodragon, available from Shadowlands. It’s a very rare mount, which can be dropped from Gieger with a 1% chance. You can do a lot of tries for Gieger, or buy our Predatory Plagueroc farm service.

How it will work?

After you order our service, the manager will contact you confirm all details, so you should be assumed about you:

  1. Open Maldraxxus.
  2. Have the 60th level.
  3. Have Shadowlands.
  4. Can share to our access for your account, to do services in pilot-mode.

Only after this, we will attach your character by VPN of your country to our booster, which will do a Predatory Plagueroc farm!