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Callow Flayedwing

Callow Flayedwing
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Callow Flayedwing

Callow Flayedwing — is a rare-drop mount, which you can get from a special egg, which drops on Maldraxxus elite-mobs. You can do a lot of tries, or can buy Callow Flayedwing farm service on Balalaikaboost.

We know, all mobs, with the best drop rates, and can create for you a special group, which will help you get Callow Flayedwing from a special egg.

All that you to need is:

  • 60th level character.
  • Shadowlands.
  • Share to our account, if pilot-mode is chosen.

Notification: Your mount will drop from the egg, after 5 days of egg cooldown. Safe egg, and don’t put him out your bags!