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Buy Fast Full Gear Item Level Boost

Fast Full Gear
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    • 23 €
    • 27 €
    • 55 €
    • 74 €
    • 84 €
    • 112 €
    • 213 €
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Buy WoW Full Gear Boost and you will get

  • Desired average item level of PvE Full Gear.
  • Important notice: We guarantee just average item level of your gear. Some items might be lower, some higher then chosen item level in option you pick, but in the result you will get selected average item level;
  • We will farm World Quests, Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons, Covenants, Sanctum of Domination Normal, Heroic and Mythic on choice of our team and chosen option;
  • You can get conduits, achievements and other things during this service;
  • Trading items you need of a specific class and characteristics according to your level if you would like selfplay

ETA of wow Full Gear Service

Check our table to know the approximate time of your gear item level boost completion:

Your Goal Item Level230+ Item Level240+ Item Level250+ Item Level260+ Item Level270+ Item Level
Estimated Boost Time2 Days3 Days5 Days7 Days10 Days

Piloted and Selfplay Full Gear

There are two basic methods used by us for boosting - Piloted and Self-Play - that are available for this service.

Piloted.  It is strongly recommended to choose a Piloted method for your Full Gear boost. The odds of getting exactly what you want grows extensively. That’s because our experienced booster will  be playing for you. Though, you will need to provide them with the login and password to your account. We use VPN of your country and only handwork without any bots and third-party programs to protect your account.

Self Play: However, if you are worried about the safety of your account and the previous results of your gameplay, you can opt for this. You will just play alongside our boosters following their recommendations. You will be able to trade the loot if needed. However, the chances of getting exactly what you need decrease here because there will be other players around you who would like to have the same items.

Full Gear Service Carry Process

Here is how the entire process will go:

  1. Your character will be boosted to required activities depending on desired ilvl of full gear boost (see table above)
  2. If you buy high ilvl gear boost, we will proceed with the Raid heroic/mythic gear boosting or stop there if you do not need anything more.
  3. We will repeat raid on the next week if it required by your order.
  4. All the runs and rounds will start at the time that is most suitable for you and we will always inform you if there are any changes in the schedule.

Please keep in mind that we cannot guarantee that you will get exactly the gear that you need to fill in all your slots for getting to the next level. The luck matters much here because you will be raiding for the loot alongside other customers and they may not want to trade the gear with you.