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Cyphers of the First Ones Boost

Cyphers of the First Ones
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Buy Cypher of the First Ones farm and you will get

Cypher of the First Ones - a special system of talents that can provide your character with various bonuses and buffs in Zereth Mortis location. You can also pick Zereth Mortis and Cypher Console unlock, so we will unlock Zereth Mortis location and Cypher Console so you can use bonuses of the Cypher system and unlock Cypher talent trees;

Cypher of the First Ones Piloted Method

For this service, only the Piloted Boosting Method is available. Our Cypher of the First Ones boost will be completed smoothly by our professional players without much effort on your part. 

We are ready to boost your Cypher of the First Ones very quickly, safely, and effectively, by following the procedure which looks like that:

  1. You order the service from our website, pay for it, and confirm it.
  2. After the completion of this procedure, our support manager will contact you within 10-15 minutes to discuss the details.
  3. We will provide you with the additional service of raising your Renown level if your account needs it with a pleasant discount.
  4. You will be able to choose the suitable time of boosting and contact the booster we will provide for you.
  5. Our experienced player will play for your character in the PIloted mode.
  6. We will make the private communication Discord channel for your convenient chatting with the booster.
  7. You will be able to see the process via livestream and get screenshots of the main points of the process if you require them.
  8. We never ask the username and password to your email so your account will be completely safe though we will need its login and password so that the booster can play for you.
  9. For increased safety, we use the VPN client corresponding to your location and country.
  10. We never use third-party programs or bot - all the work is done by hand.
  11. You can ask any questions within the process via LiveChat with our support team.

We, at BalalaikaBoost, provide this service in the Piloted mode only for your convenience and better results. We will need the login and password to your account so that our professional booster can enter it and play for your character.