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Archivists Codex Reputation Boost

Archivists Codex Reputation
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How to get Archivists Codex Reputation

With this service we will rare kill mobs, loot chests and complete daily quests in order to reach Tier 6 of the Archivists Codex Reputation with account sharing. If you prefer to have it done in Selfplay, you can choose the extra option above and instead get grouped up with our boosters and farm Elite Mobs inside Rifts which are located in Korthia!

With the options above you can choose your starting Tier or select the 'Tier 1 to Tier 6' bundle extra option if you are just starting your reputation farm.

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Reduce your time and effort for the Archivists Codex Reputation with our carry. The procedure of boosting is smooth and safe. There are many reasons to choose our service because we provide the following:

  1. Our professional players have years of experience and tons of skills to ensure the efficient and resultative boosting.
  2. Our support team is friendly and ready to accompany you from the very moment your order has been confirmed.
  3. We will provide you with the screenshots of the most important moments of the process or you will be able to watch the entire process via live streaming.
  4. You will be completely involved in the game despite the Piloted mode of boosting and you will get a lot of positive and entertaining experiences from it.
  5. We never use any third-party programs or bots doing everything by hand for better quality.
  6. Our boosters always use the VPN that corresponds to the location indicated by you.
  7. We try to stay away from anything that could put your account at risk.

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