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Buy WotLK Professions Leveling Boost

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Buy WotLK Crafting Professions Leveling

Inscription is usually paired with Herbalism as its base materials are milled herbs. Mililng provides pigments that are used to create Inks. Inks in turn are used to craft everything. That helps you to save a lot of gold over a long distance.

Alchemy brings in a cool Mixology passive effect that increases the power and the duration of flasks and elixirs. That helps you to save a lot of gold over a long distance.

Enchanting helps you to improve your character’s potential up to its maximum. Enchanting WOTLK is one of the most desired and hard-to-get professions in the game.

Blacksmithing WotLK classic masters can make various mail and plate gear, create deadly weapons to strike enemies down as well as add extra sockets into your gear to empower your character even more

Our Engineering WoTLK Classic boosting service has two specializations to offer. Goblin engineers can create various explosives and landmines and Gnomish Engineers use different gadgets to distract or kill enemies.

Jewelcrafting offers you different rings, necklaces and gems to increase the potential of a character. Usually players pair this profession with Mining to farm resources. 

Leatherworking WotLK Classic boost your character and helps you to craft different gear pieces and armor kits to increase your power. Some of those are BOE and can be sold on an Auction House for lots of gold. You can also choose between three specializations Dragonscale Leatherworking, Elemental Leatherworking, or Tribal Leatherworking.

Buy WOTLK Tailoring boost and sew some epic gear and bags for the whole server! Tailoring is a great profession for cloth-wearing classes to make gold especially if paired with Enchanting.

WotLK Gathering Professions Boost

Buy WOTLK Herbalism boost and start collecting herbs today, reaching maximum Herbalism level! Herbalism is a great profession that usually pairs with Alchemy or Inscription. 

Buy Mining Wotlk Boost and start mining ores today! Mining is a very good profession if paired with Engineering, Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing. 

Buy Skinning Wotlk Boost and start gathering skins! Skinning is good to pair with Leatherworking as it allows players to craft gear. 

Skinning, Mining and Herbalism can also be paired with any other collecting profession for maximum gold efficiency as players are always in need of raw materials. You can earn tons of gold just selling herbs, skins and mining reagents on AH.

WotLK Secondary Professions Leveling

Cooking Wotlk Boost will prepare food for your guild or raid! Cooking is good to pair with Fishing as it allows players to cook dishes and get various buffs. Cooking is a unique profession as it provides players with a lot of different buffs upon eating dishes. As flasks and potions, food buffs are obligatory for raiding or for some types of PvP. Sometimes even minor enhancementы make a big difference for the whole raid progress!

Fishing Wotlk Boost will help to catch your Moby Dick! This profession is unique as it provides players with a soothing process of fishing and raw materials for Cooking.  Fishing is a secondary profession beloved by a lot of players who enjoy exploring and traveling all over Azeroth and her wonderful sites. 

First Aid Wotlk Boost will help you to get the maximum 450 skill in the shortest time! This profession is awesome for any content in the game as it allows players to craft bandages and heal lethal wounds

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