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Stratholme Dungeon Boost Run

Service includes:
  • Get Stratholme Dungeon Raid completed in the short period of time and enjoy all the bonuses and achievements your character gets;
  • Safety of your account is guaranteed.

 Stratholme Dungeon is the place where you can meet 17 unique bosses to kill and get a lot of loot. Long ago, this place was a real jewel of northern Lordaeron, but after a conflict of Prince Arthas with his mentor, it was destroyed. Now the city is inhabited with undead Scourge.

 What makes the process of running this dungeon even more difficult is that the city is guarded by powerful enemies. You`ll meet watchtowers, banshees, abominations and dangerous necromancers in the Stratholme Dungeon. There are two main parts of the city, you may enter. The first entrance leads to the Living Side and another one to the Undead City. Entering the Undead Side is more difficult task. You cannot open this entrance until you or any member of your party have the Key to the City. But if you`re an experienced WoW player, you may access that part of the broken city after your clean the Living part and kill all the mobs and bosses there.

 We can help you to with this part of the game. Buy WoW Classical Stratholme Dungeon boost and our players will do all the work instead of you. All you need is pay for the service, give us the info needed and wait until we manually boost your character and run this raid.

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  • Requires 48 lvl character
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