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Patch 8.3 Visions of N'Zoth here! Season 4 Mythic+ dungeons opened new affix Awakenedwill be 4th affix for the season 4. Once the Mythic Plus Dungeon is completed, players will be able to get two chests. The first one can be found at the end of the Dungeon and may provide prizes from it. The second chest is called Weekly Challenger’s Chest, players may get it in their factions’ cities after the reset is done, and this chest has got a guaranteed item in it. Such items in Battle for Azeroth Season 4 differ as they have various item levels (according to the keystone). For example, starting from 100 item level Mythic+2 from a chest in the end of the Dungeon to a 130 item level Mythic+15 given for a weekly chest. There is an opportunity to obtain 120+ epic peace of gear for your character from mythic+ loot chest at the end of the dungeon. That’s why the gear from the Mythic Plus Dungeons is as cool as the gear from Ny'alotha Mythic raid. You may also make a corruption or to put a gem into a socket of such items. In the End of Dungeon chest there are 2 items of the appropriate level which are given for a whole group. However, if the team finishes the dungeon in time, it will get one more item as an extra. Moreover, you will receive a guaranteed item from a weekly chest (again, according to the faction) 7 days later after that. If your Mythic+15 is finished by you, your best prize from a weekly chest will be an epic item of 130 item level, also you will get a keystone used for the following games in the Mythic Plus mode. Besides that, there may also be some nice things in the chests. For instance, the currency called Titan Residuum which you may use for buying Azerite Armor, essences, keystones and so on; Artifact Power used for boosting of Heart of Azeroth (Artifact Power boost is dependent upon the level of Mythic+ finished). Participate in BfA Season 4 Mythic Plus dungeons together with our team, and get the most of the game!
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