Leveling 20-120 (Allied Race)

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Service includes:

  • Your character will get 120 level after quests and dungeons.
  • 6-7 days for standard boost, 5 days for speed leveling, and 3-4 days for super fast boost option. 
    For more information on powerleveling time options please ask the online support
  • Upon reaching 120 level you will get Level 120 achievement and unique Heritage Armor Set depending on a race of your choice: Warsong Clan Armor SetDark Iron Dwarf Armor Set
  • A special BFA Artifact Heart of Azeroth for the entire game
Power Leveling Boost is available on shared accounts.

    With the Legion defeated and Azeroth saved from Sargeras sword, the new peace is to be broken by Horde and Alliance’s conflict. A new war is coming, new alliances have to be created, new abilities and powers obtained to lead the armies through new lands of Zalandar and Kul Tiras and win.

    Former WoW zones and paths have been upgraded and changed, still there are not many new features.

    Professional support team is prepared to quickly powerlevel your character in quests, dungeons and get the Heart of Azeroth, new version of artefact weapon, carried throughout the whole experience.

    Account security, anonymity, service reliability and fast order complete are guaranteed.

    Thousand of reviews and feedback from real people on different forums like Ownedcore, Epicnpc, Elitepvpers and Trustpilot.
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    Requirements for Leveling 20-120 (Allied Race):
    • Some gold, just in case we need to change enchants and gems
    • We need only your login and password, we don’t need your answer on secret question and password to your mail, that makes impossible to steal your account
    • We guarantee the safety of your account
    • Remove authenticator from your battle.net account or cancel mode “ask code each time i login”, and provide us code.

    • We shall contact you via Skype within several hours after the payment's complete to verify your information & payment details and after it you will receive your boost.
    • We shall do our best to provide you the service in the most convenient time for you