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What you will get from this Horrific Visions Challenge boosting: 
- Completion of the 1 Tainted Area. You will need to have 410+ item level and the first rank of the Legendary Cloak. 
- 2 bonus zones (2 Corrupted zones). You will get 3 chests. 
- 3 bonus zones (2 Corrupted zones + 1 lost area) and you will get 4 chests. 
- Full run you will get 5 chests. 
- Full run + 1 mask give you more Corrupted Mememtoes and weekly 455ilvl item. 
- Full run + 2 masks - weekly 460 ilvl item. 

Horrific Visions Challenge Boosting

In WoW patch 8.3 called Visions of N'Zoth players will have a chance to see new content and new methods of obtaining useful items. An example of such content is the Horrific Visions which are alike with Death of Chromie and Mage Tower from Legion expansion. These are special tasks for teams of 1-5 players trying to get to Stromwind and Orgrimmar where the cruel N'Zoth who has recreated the Black Empire and has intimidated Azeroth is waiting for them. The city is changed once a week and remains constant within the whole week. Generally, Orgrimmar and Stromwind work the same way. However, they have some distinctive objectives, secrets and prizes. What is interesting about this Challenge is that it is scaled not depending on the number of players, roles and so on; moreover, the prizes also do not change with the increase of the group. So, it is definitely worth trying. In order to get into Horrific Visions Challenge, you should have a Vessel of Horrific Visions — this item can be recieved via N'Zoth Assaults — either in Vale of Eternal Blossoms or in Uldum (if it is required, we can do that instead of you, just tick this variant). Purchase this Legendary Cloak Unlock Boosting from a trustworthy company BalalaikaBoost (for Europe and the US) and experience this WoW Battle for Azeroth content yourself easily getting a lot of nice rewards! For those who players who lack time, we offer Account Sharing mode. Also, those who want to take part in this breathtaking action in Horrific Visions may choose a selfplay mode and get unforgettable gaming experience with us. But be aware of the requirements for completing this boost.