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Lost Ark Skill Points Boost

Skill Points Boost
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Lost Ark Skill Points Boost

Skill point potion is highly important for your character’s progression. Buy Skill point potions boost and get your character much stronger with the required for proper end-game skill points. With our Skill Point Potion bundle, you will be able to make your perfect build. Our professional boosters are ready to save your time with the Skill point potions service in Lost Ark.


  • A desirable quantity of Skill Point’s that you will choose in options ;
  • All additional skill points that you will receive with this service, are Server-wide reward (even your new character of 1st level will receive them) ;
  • You will receive additional rewards during this service:
  • Tower option will also give you Gifts for reputation & Collectible items ;
  • Adventurer’s tome option will also give you Gifts for reputation & Collectible items ;
  • Island Token’s option will also give you - Uncommon Wooden Compass (speed of your ship will be increased)

Skill Points Boost Options

  • Adventure’s Tome - we will complete Atlas progression for you, till Skill Point potion rewards (East Luterra, North Vern, Shushire, Rohendel) ;
  • Quest lines - we will complete the following quest lines and you will receive x3 skill points as a reward (The Wayward Son quest, The Stone of Power quest, Wondrous Find quest, Memories of Luterra, Complete the 2nd awakening questline) ;
  • Giant Heart’s & Island Tokens - We will collect the amount of Tokens or Heart's that requirable to receive x6 Skill Points as a reward ;
  • Tower of Shadows & Tower of Destiny - We will complete for you x2 towers for all Skill points rewards (20 & 50 floors for both of the Towers) if you have requirable item level for them ;