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Continent Questing
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Cheap Lost Ark Quest Boosting

Lost Ark has a huge number of quests, completing which you can receive certain rewards or gain access to certain items (NPCs). Quests can be divided into several groups: the main storyline, which is mandatory and will take the player through most continents; side tasks - not mandatory, but giving certain bonuses; hidden stories - tasks that do not have a designation on the map and are hidden on all continents and locations; additional stories - several stories within the same zone, which become available when certain conditions are met


  • account level and rewards for them (additional stats, in-game currency, etc);
  • additional points for Adventurer's Tome of the corresponding continent;
  • access to the NPC for leveling reputation;
  • obtaining additional personality points (Intellect, Bravery, Charm, or Kindness);
  • character experience;
  • Songs that you will need in most aspects of the game.

Requirements for Quests Region

  • 50 lvl of your Character;
  • Rohendel - 460 gear item level;
  • Yorn - 600 gear item level;
  • Faten - 960 gear item level;
  • Punika - 1100 gear item level, ETA - 21 days.

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Lost Ark Questing Carry Service

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