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Torghast, Tower of the Damned Boost

Torghast services

Torghast, the Tower of Damned, is a new, unbelievable mechanic, which continues ideas of Nzoth’s dynamic dungeon. All new open Torghast will contain a new adventure, for all players. But for a long time, Torghast is the most Hardened places, which need from players a good skill, and a good team. So now by Balalaikaboost, you can buy all of our torghast services in one place.

Which services we provide:

  • Open torghast.
  • Torghast carry.
  • Soul ashes farm.
  • Corridor creeper farm.

Torghast needs good coordination, that’s why we provide to you Torghast farm carry service for all of the types, by our professional team.

Open Torghast

Before you can start Torghast farm, you should open this place by plot, and do a lot of quests before. It’s easy if this is your first character. But if you need to open Torghast on your alts, Balalaikaboost will help you to do this.

Torghast carry

Torghast carry is our classic best giving service, which we provide from the start of an expansion. It means, that we have control of your character, collect a good-geared team and go to all layers, for clearing torghast until it has been done, or until you’ll get the cap.

Soul ashes farm

Soul ashes are an important resource, that needs a Runecrawler for creating a much powerful weapon in the Shadowlands Ever. It needs to go torghast many times during the week, so we can farm this resource for you, on pilot or self-play mode.

Corridor creeper farm

Corridor creeper — is the rare mount, which you can get by do special routines in the Torghast. It’s a fun mount, and we can get it for you almost free. We know strategy, how to get corridor creeper as fast as possible.
So if you want to get more, ashes, and all, that can give torghast, the tower of damned, you should order our carry service in balalaikaboost.