You can order Castle Nathria Heroic trade 3/4/5/6 items guaranteed. Ask the operator how to do it


Raiding services

Raiding is the most important thing in the world of Warcraft, except shadowlands. By the raid, you can check your coordination, known tactics, skill know of your class, and a lot of other things. But in the raid, some things depend on other players, which can play much worse than you. Known this, balalaikaboost provides for you our raid boost services.

Here you can order all that you need for raiding in the Shadowlands:

  • Raid runs on chosen difficulty.
  • Item farm.
  • Full gear farm.
  • Achieve-hunt.

All to do your playing on the official World of Warcraft servers much more comfortable. Don’t waste your time, hurry up going to the epic raids, and get all the epic plot.

Raid run

Choose our raid run carry boost for the shadowlands, you’ll guarantee will complete it of the chosen difficulty. If you need more gear, you can use the additional option “trade-loot”, which means, that other players will give you, their loot.

We will provide this service on pilot or self-play modes.

Item farm

Item farm is a much more expensive function, provided by Balalaikaboost in the Shadowlands. Using this function, we will be going for raiding until all items from your list will drops. It can spend more than one cooldown time.


Achieve hunt for raid boost of the World of Warcraft shadowlands — means, that we use our best players, to do all requirements for your achievement. By the achievements, you can have your own title’s special mounts or legendary items.

This function is provided only for pilot-mode playing.

Note: before you’ll order our raiding carry service shadowlands, be assumed about you not on cooldown for this week.