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Mythic+ Dungeons

Mythic+ carry

Mythic plus is one of the popular mechanics, which can get to player items, similar to raids drop. So if you need to get pre-BiS gear to start active raiding, you should complete all mythic dungeons on the week, and get a special key for the weekly chest, which will help you to get a good chance new gear for your main character. But the mythic plus carry is not an easy routine, it’s a hard challenge, which you can fall.

So for our players, we provide our new service mythic plus carry. It’s the pack of different services, which can help get you the best gear in the world of Warcraft: shadowlands!

What contains

If you don’t know, what our mythic plus contains, you can watch this here. Our Mythic+ service contains:

  • Key running in the current season for the all 8/8 dungeons in mythic+ difficulty.
  • Keystone master achievement.
  • Other runs in mythic plus.

So using a Service that provides Balalaikaboost, you’ll guarantee will get your weekly chest with any troubles.

Note: This service available in self-play mode, but we recommend using Pilot-play mode, there our professional booster can do work for you faster and better, almost without wipes.

Save your time, nerve, and get fun with the best gear from your weekly chest. Order our Mythic plus carry services!