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Leveling and Farm

Leveling and farm

You’re new to the world of Warcraft: shadowlands? So you don’t know how many times you will farm, grind, and farm again. And all of these only for the first character. And if it’s wrong? You will farm, grind, leveling, and farm again? Stop endure this. You’re on the best site, which provides Powerleveling and farming services for shadowlands. Order our level boost. Get all gear, from farming service. Don’t waste your time on a lot of tasks, which do playing much more boring, than you can expect.


Leveling is interesting in shadowlands, only when it’s your first character. But if you have a lot of characters, and want to check new classes, or get new allied races, you will be puzzled that you can’t do your progress more interesting. Tons of boring questing. Again grinding base gear. And a lot of other routines.

Also, you want to get raiding, not leveling. So we provide our leveling service for you. We can do all that you want. From 1-50 to 50-60 leveling. For 1-50, you can choose an option, in that expansion you want to get progress.

We can spend all of our time to get for your progress in all professions, which you’ll choose before. You can get so many characters, on so many realms as you want by out Powerleveling. Usually, we can boost your character from 1 to 60 for 48 hours. But if you want, we can do this faster, and better!

Grinding & Farming

After you up to your character to the maximum level, the game is not over. You can spend your time for fun raiding, and do the dungeons, but before you’ll start, you should be assumed about you have good gear. And how to get good gear if you have no time for regular farming routines? Now Balalaikaboost provides to you our new farming service. We can farm everything you want. How about:

  • New 34 slot bag.
  • Transmogrification farm.
  • Pilot daily farming.
  • Do all quests, which you’ll choose.

And a lot of others. Did you tire from grinding? Hates daily quests, cuz they’re boring? Just buy our Farming service on the balalaikaboost for the shadowlands’ expansion. We will do this best.