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Wildseed Cradle

Wildseed Cradle
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This is a rare mount with a unique model. This is part of Ardenweald Achievement's “Treasures of ArdenWeald”. It’s not easy to get it, cause for farming Wildseed Cradle you should explore a lot of special places, and get the quest from Twinklestar. You can spend a hundred hours exploring, or you can buy our Wildseed Cradle farm service.

We will find and collect all 5 tools in the garden of the night, will get Twinkestar’s Gardening toolkit, and open with it your Cache of the moon, where your Wildseed Cradle is contained. 

So don’t waste your time, get your own Wildseed Cradle with a unique model now. Buy our farm service, and have a lot of fun with the new mount in your collection!

Notification: This service available only in pilot-mode. We use only trusted VPN from your country, that’s why we minimize all risks for you!