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The Great Vault

The Great Vault
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Great Vault boost farm

The Great Vault is a new mechanic of Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft. It’s like a special Weekly hard task, which needs from a player a lot of free time, good gear, good guild, and also good skill. So if you haven’t some of this, you can forget about getting the best prize with 226 item level reward from Vault, or you can buy our new service, which is called Great Vault Boost Farm.

Way to get Great vault boost

To get your prize from The great vault boost you can choose one of the three available ways to get the best reward: Mythic+ runs. Than more keys you will earn, than a better reward from Great Vault you will have. Raid runs. Today is available for Castle Nathria 10 bosses run in a selected mode. PvP boost. Not simple way, need to good gear, and good team! Our Balalaikaboost team can provide you a boost in all three ways. Also if you buy all boosts in one week, you will get X3 reward from The Great Vault.

Mythic+ runs

If you choose this way to Great Vault Boost Farm, we will collect a special professional team of boosters, which can do for you mythic+ runs and get a lot of keys. Than more keys, you have, than a bigger reward. Also it the most expensive way to get The Great vault prize, but if you choose this, you’ll also get a lot of loot from Mythic dungeons. Also, it’s the easiest way to get Great Vault Boost Farm, if you’re not a well-geared character.

Raid runs

If you choose this way to Great Vault Boost Farm, we will find for you the best-geared raiders ever, which available and start as soon as possible, to get for you the best service. Farming of great vault by this method requires access for pilot-mode or good skill from you. We will fight all 10 bosses from Castle Nathria. Also, you will get special achievements, epic recipes, and a chance to the best available gear from this Raid. For this way to open Great Vault Boost Farm, we provide trade loot options. It’s available for 1 to 7 traders with the same type of armor in one run. As for our honest opinion, this way is optimal by the spending time, and for the price to get the Vault prize on the World of Warcraft Shadowlands!

PvP boost

If you choose this way to Great Vault Boost Farm, we will attach you to our PvP team, which will boost you until it’s done. This is the hardest way to get Great Vault Boost Farm and prize. But if you are oriented for PvP playing, you should check this way!

Your rewards

Rewards from This service depends on the chosen way of Great Vault Boost Farm. You’ll guarantee to get the biggest prize as a 226 ilvl item. Also, you can get:

  1. Good PvP rank by arena boosting.
  2. 15+ keys to your weekly chest for mythic+ carry.
  3. The best gear from the raiding, if the raid method was chosen.
  4. A lot of gold, matts, reagents, and other things.
  5. Tons of Anima!


To get our Service of Great Vault Boost Farm, you should be assumed about a lot of things. We give you a special checklist, that you should check before order balalaikaboost team boosting service in the Shadowlands World of Warcraft:

  1. Don’t forget to buy a Shadowlands expansion.
  2. Your current level of boosting character is 60.
  3. You have not the Worst green Gear. We have no special gear requirements, but for this service, we prefer to work with min 180 ilvl characters.
  4. You can share our access for your account by unchecking the authenticator and going to our private VPN server, which is in your country.

That’s all. Also Great vault available in self-play, but we recommend do this on the Pilot-mode, cause it gives you no chance to fall the Great Vault Boost Farm.