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Swift Gloomhoof

Swift Gloomhoof
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Swift Gloomhoof farm

Swift Gloomhoof — one of the rare Ardenweald’s mounts, which looks like to easily get, but really hard to farm. If you see the drop chance of this mount, you can be deceived by the huge drop chance, but if you see all requirements, you will know, that is much easier, cheaper, and less nervous to buy Swift Gloomhoof farm service from Balalaikaboost.

As you know, to get Swift Gloomhoof, you should do a lot of routines for getting a dream plan of ardenweald. You need to get a Dream catcher, that creates by Enchanted Soulweb. This catcher you should give to Ysera. 

Also, you should be assumed:

  1. You complete your plot in ArdenWeald.
  2. You do all side quests.
  3. You have a dream catcher.

And also you need a raid group, cause the rare mob, that you should kill is die-hard. It’s much easier to get into the dream world and took your Swift Gloomhoof with our Professional boos-team, which will do all plots in pilot-mode, and collect raid for you! We will work until Swift Gloomhoof is being in your collection!