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Spinemaw Gladechewer

Spinemaw Gladechewer
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Spinemaw Gladechewer — is the most interesting looking mount of the Shadowlands. You can get it if choose Ardenweald Covenanth, and searching for rare mob Gormtamer Tizo. It’s very hard to kill him solo, also his cooldown is too big for wasting your tries. So if you are tired of getting offended by other players, which farm this mount you can buy our Spinemaw Gladechewer farm service.

We will find this mob, wait for the resurrection of him, and then kill him to get you Spinemaw Gladechewer. This is simple for us, but hard to other players. We know cooldown, tactics, and place of resurrection. That’s why we can guarantee fast farming!

This service available for self-play or Pilot-mode. You can choose what you want, and get a mount as soon as possible!