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Soul Ash Farm

Soul Ash Farm
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Welcome adventure to our Soul ash farm service page. Here you can order a lot of Soul Ashes for your character, which will farm in torghast.

So what for you will need this special matt? Soul Ash is used to craft legendary equipment through Runecarver in the Maw!So if you want to know, how your farm will go, how much time it spends, and what you’ll get in the result… you’re welcome.

Also, our balalaikaboost team provides you the cheapest, effective, and safe service. So if you will buy our soul ash farm in the World of Warcraft shadowlands, you will be assumed, that you’ll get the best result from the market!

How it works

Soul Ash farming service is similar to torghast tower farm. So after you ordered this service, we will collect for you special group of well geared characters, which will farm torghast with you.

As result you will get:

  • Completed Weekly Cap of Soul Ash, which is important for legendary items craft
  • Some gold, matts, and other items from torghast farm.
  • A lot of soul ashes, which you can get for the runecrawler, and get from him the best gear in the world of Warcraft shadowlands.
  • Some rare equipment, which can randomly drop through the soul ash farm.

Soul ash farm can go as self-play, and for pilot-mode. If you choose the last one, we will inform you, then after completion of your torghast run, you’ll get back to your adventure in the shadowlands world!

Our requirements

To get our professional farm help on the Torghast tower, you should check some of our requirements, before you will be ordering service “Soul ash farm”:

  1. You have character 60th level of the current expansion.
  2. You have no cap of Soul Ash. The current cap for this matt is 8000.
  3. You can share our access for farming, by unchecking Blizzard authenticator.
  4. You have unlocked torghast and the maw.
  5. We have no gear requirement. But it has been better if you will have a minimum of 130 ilvl before the start.

Also if you haven’t got some things of these requirements, you can ordered them from balalaikaboost.

Good luck at the Torghast, and keep your Soul ashes for the Runecrawler.