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Silverwind Larion

Silverwind Larion
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Silverwind Larion farming

Silverwind Larion — is a new mount, which available on the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. You can get him by doing a big exploring routine. Or you can buy our Silverwind Larion, and we do all the explorer routine for you.

To get this mount you must:

  1. Find 50 shards of anima.
  2. Create Crystal Mallet of Heralds.
  3. Find a special chest, that on the big Cooldown.
  4. Use the Crystal Mallet of Heralds on the gong
  5. Loot the chest.

It looks easy until you start to searching Anima shards. So we provide for you our Silverwind Larion routine, which can help you get this mount as soon as possible.

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