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Silky Shimmermoth

Silky Shimmermoth
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Silky Shimmermoth Boost service

Silky Shimmermoth — is a new fairy mount, which available for fairy covenant in the World of Warcraft: shadowlands. It looks easy to get it, but if you buy our Silky Shimmermoth farming service, we’ll get it for you much faster, than you can imagine!

To buy this mount from your covenant you should to completing these quests:

  • Astra, As Azshara.
  • Mi'kai, As Argus, the Unmaker.
  • Glimmerdust, As Kil'jaeden.
  • Glimmerdust, As Jaina.
  • Senthii, As Gul'dan.
  • Dreamweaver, As N'Zoth.
  • Niya, As Xavius.

Or you can buy our service for Silky Shimmermoth farming, and we will do it for you.

Requirements to get Silky Shimmermoth

Before you order service Silky Shimmermoth farming, assume about:

  1. Your covenant is Fairy.
  2. You’ve got more than 5000 anima.
  3. You’ve got 30000 gold.

This service is available on the pilot-mode, that’s means we can do the service by our boost-team. You have to share with us access for your account. We use only the trusted VPN of your country, and minimize all risks!