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Shimmermist Runner

Shimmermist Runner
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Shimmermist Runner Farm

Shimmermist Runner — is not the usual mount for the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ expansion. It’s very hard to farm for all casual players. It looks like too easy farming Shimmermist Runner, but it’s not simple as looking.

For Shimmermist Runner boost you should pass through the labyrinth at the Bastion, at last, but not at least, after that you must killing rare mob Shizgher, which have Shimmermist Runner. Only after that, you should quickly click on the Shimmermist Runner to get him. 

You can do a lot of tries, but you should remember about the long cooldown of a rare mob. Or you can buy our Shimmermist Runner service. We will collect a special mount group, which will pass through the labyrinth and quickly kill the rare mob, to give you your mount!