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Shadowlands Reputation Farm

Shadowlands Reputation Farm
  • EU
  • US
  • Ascended
  • Avowed
  • Court of Harvesters
  • Undying Army
  • Ve'nari
  • Wild Hunt


The ninth expansion of the world of Warcraft, which is called Shadowlands, gives us much more new exploring impressions. From the Start, you will be waiting for five new factions, which give you good gear, special mounts, abilities, and also recipes for your professions. So don’t waste your time, and start your Reputation Farm boost.

We will farm all 5 new factions for you, and you will economy your time, nerves, and power for much harder challenges, like a dungeon in mythic+ difficulty, or first raid.

Collect them all

On the current patch of expansion Shadowlands we can provide for you Shadowlands reputation farm boost for the next factions:

  • The Ascended — bastion faction
  • Ve'nari — Oribos faction
  • Court of Harvesters is the reputation faction found in Revendreth
  • Wild Hunt is the faction of Ardenweald
  • Undying Army Maldraxxus' faction

To get them all, at first you need to get access to all covenants. Also, getting all 5 exalt it’s too hard and spends more than 20 hours of playing if you know what to do. We can do this faster, effective, and economy your nerves, better spend it for raiding and dungeons.

How it works

At first, you’ll order, which faction reputation to the farm you need. At the second we will contact you to confirm all information and get access to your account by pilot-mode. Don’t worry, we use your country VPN, so you don’t need to disturb about suspicious alerts from the official administration of World od Warcraft,

Usually, all that we do, is simple but needs a lot of time.

At first, we will be starting from basically grinding mobs, to get a friendly or better reputation. After that, we will do the main Plot questlines for all of the factions. Then we will go to the limit of reputation, we’ll toggle our forces to do daily quests.

And only then, we will go to dungeons for Reputation farm. Usually, we can farm a lot of reputation by the day, but for the exalted reputation, we need more than 2-3 sessions. Also, we will farm all 5 reputations.

What about covenants

If you need getting better your covenants' reputation, do the covenant campaign, and all of their requirements. By the Covenants farm, you will get a transmogrification set, some special abilities, and a lot of animas.

If you can’t farm it by self-play, you can also be watching for our other services, like Covenant Farm (линкани на covenant campaign).

What you’ll get

From the Shadowlands reputation farm boost of the Balalaikaboost team you’ll get:

  1. A lot of experience if you’re not 60th level.
  2. A 5 exalt reputations (also if you have chosen them all).
  3. Special achievement, for Shadowlands reputation, exalts.
  4. A lot of gold, loot, special recipes, mounts.
  5. Chance to get some rare BoE epic loot.
  6. A lot of Anima.
  7. Access for all five factions vendors.


To get our Shadowlands reputation farm boost service you should:

  1. Buy Shadowlands.
  2. Up your character to 60th lvl.
  3. Uncheck your authenticator on the account, to share for our access.

That’s all. No gear requirements, or secret questions. We will start as soon as possible, to get for you all 5 exalts!