Shadowlands Pathfinder Part 1

Shadowlands Pathfinder Part 1
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Shadowlands pathfinder boost

As usual, on the new Expansion of World of Warcraft, flying mounts are not available for the first time. But now, official administration and developers get the new move. They’ve included the possibility of flying in the Shadowlands content by completing a very hard achievement — The Shadowlands Pathfinder. It’s hard to do. It’s need to complete all plot, all covenant, all reputation, and a lot of other things. But now you can order our Shadowlands Pathfinder Part 1 boost service. 

This boost is the hardest thing that Balalaikaboost provides on start. The time to completing all requirements for getting Meta achievement depends on your current progress. But our average time for progressing this is about 2-3 weeks, of full time playing. Also, we can get it for you much faster, and you will get your meta.

For today Shadowlands Pathfinder has contained 2 achievements.

  1. Part 1. Gives you a 20% bonus of mount speed in the shadowlands. Not so many, but you will feel much more comfortable playing.
  2. Part 2. Unavailable for server start. Unlock Flying possibility in the Shadowlands!

For today we provide Shadowlands Pathfinder Part 1. Check this page later, and we will inform you, then Shadowlands Pathfinder Part 2 boost will available!

All what you get

To getting your 20% mount boost we will do a lot of rare achievements. So this is the most completed Service on the Balalaikaboost, which provides 95% content of Shadowlands, except raids and mythic+ dungeons. But if you need, we provide them too.

So if you order the Shadowlands Pathfinder boost, for part 1 we will complete:

  1. All Exploring Achievement, except meta Exploring achievement.
  2. Do Full one covenant (you should choose, which you need).
  3. Full loremaster of the shadowlands meta-achievement.
  4. 10 renown levels for your covenant.
  5. The World beyond achievement, which means that we complete more than 100 world quests in the shadowlands.

And completing All questlines by the plot on the main Zones of Shadowlands. Like Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth

Also, you’ll get:

  1. Tons of gold.
  2. Tons of Anima.
  3. Good pre-BiS gear, ready for raiding!


This service available only in pilot-mode, so you should be assumed about you can share for our access. We use only the trusted VPN of your country, so can guarantee the full safety of this service. Also, been grateful if you have 60th level character, and don’t forget bought Shadowlands Expansion.