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Shadowlands Leveling 50-60

Shadowlands Leveling 50-60
  • EU
  • US
  • 10-12h
  • 24h
  • 48h

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is coming now! First what you should know about the new patch of wow — full rebalance of the leveling system. All Characters what was 120 lvl, will be downgraded to 50 lvl. And a new max level for any characters will be 60. Balalaikaboost provides you best boosting 50-60 service for Shadowlands, which can help you get 60 lvl, max in 48 hours from ordering.

Be the one of the first, order Shadowlands leveling boost, and you’ll get:

  • Perfect service form players, what perfect known content, by playing on PTR SL WOW;
  • Achievement “60 Level”;
  • Some several progress achievements, from questing, exploring, and completed dungeons, through boosting like Into the Maw, The Path to Ascension, Blade of the Primus, Awaken, Ardenweald, The Master of Revendreth;
  • A lot of gold, Green/blue/purple items;
  • Fastest boost ever: Balalaikaboost use only the most proven and reliable boosters;
  • Full safety of service. We don't use any bots, cheats, or forbidden software to get you 60 lvl.
  • Our team use the country vpn of customer, so you will not be disturbed, or get special bans.
  • See the progress of boosting by screenshots, or video streams. 


For our beloved customers, we have special options, what you can choose until ordering the service:

  • Speed of leveling. 12/24/48/72hours.
  • Getting Powerful gear: From 175 to 200 ilvl.
  • Raid runs. Available in normal and heroic mode. 
  • Torghast and WQ unlock. Completing Covenant campaign.

Regardless of the options selected, Balalikaboost guarantees you the fastest leveling carry, full safety of operation, and best service, what you ever can imagine. Good luck with your adventures in the new World of Warcraft: Shadowlands! Be one of the first, stay better, and get access to good gear and heroic raids faster!

Description of service

After you order, and get us all the requirement information, we will start playing on your account, as fast as it possible. The fast lvling SL for the your char consist of doing quests in the next zones:

  • Starting line in the maw:
  • Bastion;
  • Maldraxxus;
  • Ardenweald;
  • Revendreth.

The approximate time it will take to receive 60 lvl, depends on the special option, what you can choose: Boosting will take from 12 to 72 hours.

Footnote: Also, you can pre-order the fastest boosting, from the server starts. You’ll get your 60 lvl one of the first on your server.


For getting the fastest SL Carry lvling, you should be confident, what you:

  • Have 50 lvl for shadowlands expansion. If your char under 50 level, you should take an extra option for boosting 1-50, before we start to carry your leveling to 60 level.
  • Account sharing is enabled, cause Carry leveling possible only in piloted mode.
  • No special gear requirements.
  • Cancel function “ask code each time I login”.

That’s all!