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Reservoir Anima Farm

Reservoir Anima Farm
  • EU
  • US
  • 1000 Reservoir Anima
  • 2000 Reservoir Anima
  • 3000 Reservoir Anima
  • 4000 Reservoir Anima
  • 5000 Reservoir Anima
  • 10000 Reservoir Anima

Buy Reservoir Anima

Anima — like anime. The main thing on the World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion. You can spend it everywhere, from special abilities for your characters to fun things. But it’s very hard to get them. So if you want to get a lot of this currency, you should buy our reservoir anima farming service.

Where you can spend your farmed anima?

  1. Adventure table upgrades and modifications.
  2. Some of covenant upgrades.
  3. Channeling and improvements for anima conductor.
  4. Your special abilities for covenant unlocking.
  5. Transmogrification and fun items.

That’s not all for that Anima can be exchanging. Official administration of the World of Warcraft server promise, that we always have a deficit of anima, cause this currency will more important on the next patches! 

Average anima getting

We can farm for about 1000 reservoir anima for a day, by doing world questing and all pvp activities. So if you need more than 1000, it spends more time.

We farming anima only in Piloted mode. Before we start the farm session, we confirm with you to getting access for your account. After the session complete, we back control of your account to you. Also, we using Vpn of your country, so this service is fully safe.


To order our Reservoir Anima farm service you should be assumed of the next things:

  1. You’ve got shadowlands.
  2. You accept the Pilot-play mode.
  3. You can share to us access for your account by unchecking the authenticator and using our private vpn server.
  4. You have character 60th level.
  5. You complete the main campaign and all plot missions.

We have no skill or gear requirements for this type of service. But you should remember, than lower your gear, than more slow farm.