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Papa’s Mint Condition Bag Farm

Papa’s Mint Condition Bag Farm
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Papa’s Mint Condition Bag — is the hardest taken item in Shadowlands. There is a 34’s slot bag, which drops only from rare NPC Bronjahm. 

Balalaikaboost provides a new service, which is called Papa’s Mint Condition Bag Farm. It contains:

  • Buying tries of killing Bronjahm
  • Great chance (about 21%) to get Papa’s mint condition bag.
  • A lot of gold, items, and another loot, that drops from Bronjahm.

We know the route, and cooldown or respawn Bronjahm on your service, so can provide you the fastest farm of Papa’s mint condition bag.

Requirements for getting farm service

If you want to get Papa’s Mint Condition Bag, you need to check these requirements:

  • You have shadowlands.
  • Your character has a current maximum level (50).
  • You have an average item level, not below 115.
  • You can share our access to your character

The farm will go only in pilot mode. We will collect a group to find and kill Bronjahm. 

Note: Papa’s Mint Condition Bag has drop rate only 21%. To get it you will need more than 1 kill of Bronjahm.