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Mythic+ Plus Dungeon Boost Any Key Level

Mythic+ Plus Dungeon Boost Any Key Level
  • EU
  • US
  • Mythic+6
  • Mythic+7
  • Mythic+10
  • Mythic+12
  • Mythic+14
  • Mythic+15
  • Piloted
  • Self Play
  • No
  • Yes
  • Personal loot
  • Add 1 trader
  • Add 2 traders
  • Add 3 traders


From the Shadowlands’ expansion starts, all players want to get good geared characters for raiding, getting fun, and dominate. But on the shadowlands, the most understood way to get good gear is Buy Mythic + dungeon boost carry. On the mythic plus dungeons, you can get chance to get 2 items from your dungeon chest, and get key for your weekly chest, where you can take the pre-bis gear, and boost your character, for comfortable playing.

Also, on the current 9th expansion of the World of Warcraft, mythic plus dungeons giving for players much more challenge, than it was before. By this thing, doing Mythic+ keys, been much easier and more comfortable with our professional team. 

That’s why we start to provide for your service: Mythic + dungeon boost carry. With our professional boosters, you’ll get all that you need from the weekly chest, and taking your own weekly chest.

How works mythic+ boost

It’s easy to enjoy and get a full mythic+ boost dungeon to carry on the balalaikaboost team.

At first, you’ll choose all options, that you need on your adventure. From this will depends on the next things:

  • Pilot/self-play modes. This is means, that you can do this challenge with your own hands and skills, or you’ll get all without playing, by sharing for us access for your account.
  • Personal loot/trade loot. 
  • Need timer option or no.
  • What key level you'll choose on this run. Available from 7+ key to 15+
  • You can chose specific dungeon mode, or random dungeon mode.

After you’ll choose all options, we will contact to you for confirming all details and start. Depends on the chosen option, we will do, what we can the best —boost you in the mythic+ plus dungeon carry.

After we finish, we will back to the control of your characters, until you will back to us for a new service!

Prepare your character before order

We have no gear requirements to start to boost you in your mythic+ dungeon adventure, but it been grateful if you get 180 ilvl before we start. In addition, we have some mandatory conditions, which you need to require before you will order you mythic+ boost of the balalaikaboost team:

  1. Bought World of Warcraft: shadowlands expansion.
  2. Have a character with 60th level, which will be boosted form our professional gamers.
  3. Can share for our access on the account if pilot-mode chosen. We use VPN, to get service much more safe than it has done others.

You pay — we boost. Prepare for your first raiding experience, by buying mythic+ plus dungeon boost run on the balalaikaboost

Your rewards from our service Mythic+ carry

Your rewards from Mythic+ carry dungeon will vary depending on that option and how many keys to open you’ll choose on our service.

  1. You can choose from 7+ to 15+ key. Than higher key you order, than more valuable rewar you'll took. You can see rewards from table below
  2. Also, we prepare you to get all keystone achievements that you can get on the first of mythic+ season.
  3. A lot of lot in personal mode, which game will drop for you through progress.
  4. A lot of gold, some matts, and a chance to get rare mounts with a low drop rate.

Also if you have chosen Self-play mode, you’ll get experience playing with the best team of the Shadowlands boosters.

Then the Mythic+ challenge will complete you can get next achievements:

  • Keystone conqueror for done all 10+ keys with timer.
  • Keystone master if you can get all 15+ keys on timer.