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Buy Mythic+ Plus 15 Boost Weekly Chest

Mythic+15 Boost Weekly Chest
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This is a separate run into one dungeon chosen from the eight Shadowlands dungeons with the Mythic Plus 15 difficulty which is usually the most appropriate way to gear a new character in WOW Season 2. To do that, you need at least 2000 Mythic+ rating scores and become a part of a small team. The latter may be difficult because everything depends on your class and characteristics of your characters. Even if you have got the required rating, it is difficult to find a group for running all dungeons at 15 key level. Or you may not be invited to any group because other players can see that you sometimes failed to win at the previous levels. It is also rather difficult to finish this mythic key in time if you are not a professional. And you don’t want to leave before the finish of the key and start from the very beginning, do you?

Buying the Mythic + 15 Plus dungeon boost from balalaikaboost.com is a great option, indeed, we can complete one run very quickly, just within 30-40 minutes, and you can continue your gameplay and enjoy it. Moreover, it will provide you with all the perks you are striving for:

  • The fast +15 key run for one dungeon completed without the in-timer option.
  • The guaranteed item of 252 level from the Great Vault, received once a week.
  • The option of 1 or 2 (if using the timed run) 236 ilvl gear from the chest that is received randomly.
  • 135 Valor points for one dungeon completion at +15 key level difficulty.
  • The increased Mythic Plus rating.
  • Part of Shadowlands achievement - Keystone Master: Season Two.
  • Part of Shadowlands achievement - Keystone Conqueror: Season Two.

We will help you to cope with some additional options of your choice:

  1. The in-timer run that allows for 1 more item in the end of the week chest.
  2. One loot trader meaning that there will be one more well-armed player with the same armor as your character’s.
  3. Two loot traders when we supply you with two well-geared players that will match your type of armor.
  4. 4 Mythic Plus runs where you can choose one of two 252 ilvl items provided in the Great Vault weekly.
  5. 10 Mythic Plus runs that will allow you to opt for one of three 252 ilvl items from the Great Vault weekly.
  6. The specific dungeon run that will be completed for additional pay.


Remember that adding loot traders is highly beneficial for increasing your chances for the loot. However, if you want to get a concrete item, we cannot guarantee that because the loot is spread randomly among the members of the team.

Info to Learn

We hope that our offer will fit you greatly. So, we provide additional information about the boosting process and its methods in the ‘Details’ section. You can also ask questions to our support team that works for you on JivoChat, Discord or Skype.

You may also need to check whether your account corresponds properly to all the requirements for this boost. You can see all the features you need in the ‘Requirements’ section.

Piloted and Self-Play Methods Are Available Up to Your Choice

Mythic+ 15 key level carry can be completed in Piloted and Self-Play versions.The Piloted method is strongly recommended because your account is completely protected and all the loot is quite predictable.

Piloted.  After creating a Discord chat for convenient communication, you provide us with the login and password to your account and our experienced booster will take your character for the run at the appointed time. We will also provide you with the screenshots if needed. When the run is completed, we will inform you so that you can continue your game.

Self Play. If you want to play on your own, you will not need to share your login and password. You will be playing your character instead of the booster. You will just get an invitation at the agreed time and the summon to the Mythic carry 15 key level group will be provided. You will play together with professionals following their advice. The tip here is to avoid pulling extra packs because they can damage your boost. Remember that we do not provide any guarantee that you will get the gear that you really need because if you are playing independently, the loot is spread at random among all the members of the group.

Boost Your Mythic Plus with 15 Key Level Difficulty for the Chosen Dungeons with balalaikaboost.com

The Mythic Plus 15 Plus Key Level boost is a great option to continue your game quickly, safely, and smoothly. It is great when you need to equip your new character properly. Our professional team of boosters will help you to achieve your goals. The entire procedure of boosting will be the following:

  1. You choose a dungeon to be boosted from eight options at +15 key level of difficulty and check whether your account characteristics allow you to do that.
  2. Place and order and confirm it and we will get in touch with you within 10-15 minutes to discuss the options and the possible time for boosting.
  3. Think about some additional boosting options you may want to order from us.
  4. We pick out a team for you and create a Discord chat if you opt for the Piloted mode to let you communicate with the booster.
  5. At the appointed time, our booster will take your character for the run if it is Piloted or you will be invited to the game if it is Self-Play.
  6. We usually start the process within 30 minutes after we have agreed about all the details.
  7. We will complete the run very fast and inform you about the completion.
  8. The carry process is fully safe and legit and your account is reliably protected.
  9. We use the VPN client for your location to add more protection.
  10. We never use third-party programs or bots so everything goes without any intrusions.

The carry is quite cheap because of the group format and time for the boost that is needed. The demand for the 15 level carry is very high and it is the best way to gain gear for your characters.