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Korthia Weekly Quest

Korthia Weekly Quest
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Korthia, City of Secrets, is a new sub-zone in the Maw that is added in WoW Patch Chains of Domination. Korthia is the key location that provides a lot of daily activities and awards to maximize the quality of your performance. It offers a new weekly quest, Shaping Fate, so you may be interested in what activities you will need to perform here and what you are supposed to receive from it. You can find this weekly quest applying to Tal-Galan, the Keeper of Secrets who is waiting for you at the quest hub in Korthia. You may not be allowed to complete the quest if you haven’t coped with some introductory quests before that are mandatory for this zone. The quest you need to complete ends with ‘In Need of Assistance’ with the three daily quests in it. Completing everything that is required may be rather boring and take a lot of time so think about ordering the boost to the Korthia weekly quest from

By boosting the Korthia Weekly Quest you will receive:

You can also order the option of defeating the 20+ Korthian Rares that can be killed once a day with their loot resetting for your benefit and further daily quests completion.

The rare drops of such mounts as Garnet Razorwing and Crimson Shardhide.

Your access to the competition of Covenant Assaults, Further daily quests, looting treasures, and defeating Tormentors of Torghast will be practically unlimited. So, order the Korthia Weekly Quest and gain whatever you want.

The boost ETA is about one week but actually the quest can be done in 1-2 days and in the express mode, we can provide it to you during 12 hours. A week or so is needed because we do not know exactly when the quest appears in the game and how much your account corresponds to the basic requirement of entering it.We may need the additional time to get everything set properly. Or the lead time may increase if you order the options. The start time for the boost is not more than 15-30 minutes since the order has been confirmed and paid.s in order.

Info to Learn

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