Icecrown Daily Quests

Icecrown Daily Quests
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Shadowlands pre-patch also starts with a special event, which contains a questline in the Death rising campaign. Only after this, you will get access to Icecrown Daily Quests. But as all we know, daily routines to get argent commendations, are too boring for all players. Now Icecrown Daily Quests consists of more than 12 quests, which will take more than 3-4 hours of playing. But if you order this service from balalaikaboost, you’ll save your time for much more interesting tasks, what consist World of Warcraft: Shadowlands!

Service description

Our team provides to you our routine daily completing service. We will do all of Icecrown quests as soon as possible. Through the daily quest progressing you’ll also get:

  • Achievement reward.
  • A lot of Argent commendations, that you can exchange for gear.
  • A chance to drop Papa’s Mint Condition Bag.
  • Some transmogrification items.

Also, you will get a lot of loot, gold, and some interesting matts, through progressing!

Requirements and how it works

For getting our service of Icecrown Daily Quests, you should be assumed about some things:

  1. You have a shadowlands Expansion.
  2. You have max level.
  3. No gear requirements.
  4. You have finished the first phase of the Death rising campaign.
  5. You can share our access for your character.

The service will be going only on pilot-mode. What is this means? That after you paying and ordering, you should get our manager access to your character. Then our best farmer will get control of your char, and going to do Icecrown Daily Quests. After he finishes all daily routines, we will back to you control of your account.

What quests including

Icecrown Daily Quests contains a lot of quest, you should be sure, what all of them are completed:

  • WARNING: This is Only a Test! This ques start your daily routines.
  • Defending the Rampart. This quest gives for a lot of argent commendations.
  • Too Many Whelps. One of the most boring quest.
  • Evacuation Effort. You should be assumed, what this is done before you continue your adventure.
  • Frontline Resupply, Research Ruination quest completed, The Safety of Others easy, but boring.
  • The Deathspeaker's Devout a one more routine quest.
  • Cultist Captors this needs a lot of time to complete.
  • Strange Scourgestones interesting for the first time playing, but all of the next day are boring.
  • Careful Creations — routine.
  • Cleaning Out the Vault — routine.
  • Frozen Solid.
  • Scourge War Machines — the final quest of the dailies.

Only after all of them will complete, the service for a day is done. We need a bit of time to complete all Icecrown Daily Quests.