Death Rising Campaign

Death Rising Campaign
Coming Soon

Shadowlands is opened, and the scourge is active now. Defend the Capital city of your fraction, from the hordes of undead. The only Hero of Azeroth can stop this massive attack from the “Other world”. This is how starts Death Rising Campaign on pre-patch of Shadowlands.

Death Rising Campaign — is a day-by-day story campaign, which will include new players to the Shadowlands, with huge boss Nathanos, which you must defeat! The storyline is based on the 20 quests that separate by 2 weeks.

In the first week, the player should end 14 quests, to getting access to icecrown dailies. For 2nd week, the player needs to end the last 6 quests, for getting access to the Shadowlands Content. Hurry up, and stop wasting your time. Death Rising Campaign will available only for 2 weeks! 

Description of service

If you will order our boost Death Rising Campaign, you will get a fully completing storyline that preceded shadowlands.

Also, if you will order boost, you get all of these:

  • Completely storyline.
  • Some special gear, which dropps through questing.
  • Achievement Death Rising Campaign.
  • Access to Icecrown daily questing.
  • Special 115 ilvl Weapon from Nathanos!

Requirements and how it works

To start the Death Rising Campaign you should be assumed about:

  • You have 50th level character for Shadowlands Pre-patch.
  • You can share our to access for your account, to do farm in pilot-mode.
  • You don’t want to get a lot of fun from the story campaign.
  • No Gear requirement.

After you order the service of Death Rising Campaign, our manager will contact you to check the details of the order. After that, we’ll be waiting for sharing access. This service available only in Pilote-mode. But also we can stream all progress.

Good luck in Shadowlands adventurer!