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Covenant Renown Levels Boost

Covenant Renown Levels Boost
    • 2 €
    • 2 €


Buy Renown Farm boost — Weekly cap carry

Shadowlands is here! And on the other side in the death world 4 covenants fighting for their influence of anima streams. But The jailer traitor put much more streams of anima to the Maw. So before you can fight him, you should get renown of the chosen covenant. This work will spend all your time, skill, power, and nerves. To facilitate the task balalaikaboost will provide for you our special offer — get the Renown Farm boost 1-80 carries for almost free.

We will attach for your character our best booster, which knows how to get 1-80 of renown faster and get a lot of good loot through the progress. So stop wasting your time, and entrust the matter to professionals!

How it works

At first, you should choose some options, like: region/server/realm. After that don’t forget to choose the right covenant, which we will boost. After your order our manager will contact you to confirm details.

Then this will be finished, we will give you VPN. And our booster can start in a few moments after all things will be confirmed. 

Renown Farm boost 1-80 carry for us is simple. We will do all activities, spend our time in world questing, adventure table and other to get maximum renown in a short time. As soon as possible we end Renown Farm boost 1-80 carry by 2 or 3 game sessions, and will back your control of your account!

What you should know

Before you order this service, you should choose the covenant, with which we will boosting your renown. If you choose the wrong covenant, later you should rechange it, that will reset all your renown progress. So be careful before you ordering this service.

Cause this service spends a lot of time, it possible only for Pilot-mode. This is mean, that you should be assumed a lot of things before you will be buying Renown Farm boost — Weekly cap carry:

  1. You have shadowlands expansion.
  2. Don’t forget buying in game time for next week.
  3. You’re not completed cap by yourself.
  4. You complete covenant campaign.
  5. You have a character of 60th level.

We have no gear requirements, cause this service doesn’t depend on your current item level.

Warning: You should be assumed about what you can share to our access for your character. For this uncheck 2th authentication and login from our provided VPN server, which is attached to your country.

Get our Renown Farm boost — Weekly cap carry and prepare for harder challenges!

Your rewards from renown farm

Through 1-80 progress of Renown Farm boost carry you’ll get:

  1. A full cap of Renown of chosen covenant.
  2. A lot of gear.
  3. Some special achievements.
  4. Progress in Pathfinder achievement.
  5. Tons of gold, and a bit of anima.

Renown Farm boost doing from specific pvp, and pve activities, so you’ll get a lot of specific items, progress by plot, and the chance for some rare things!