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Covenant Renown Levels Boost

Covenant Renown Levels Boost
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The new Covenant system of rewards was introduced in Shadowlands with Patch 9.1. It is about increasing the allegiance to one of the four selected factions - Night Fae, Necrolords, Kyrian, and Venthyr. The Renown works both as a currency and reputation.

It provides many additional perks and rewards to a player:

  1. Soulbinds upgrading or unlocking which adds much to the character’s power.
  2. The percentage increase in stamina by getting to the Deepening Bond tiers.
  3. The sufficient increase in the maximum possible item levels.
  4. Completion of the final chapter in the Covenant campaign.
  5. Earning of legendary recipes, transmogs, mounts, and pets.
  6. Improving or repairing the Sanctum areas.
  7. Recruiting additional adventurers for the scouting map.

However, receiving all these and many other perks is not an easy process if you attempt to do everything on your own. It may take you about 15-17 weeks. Each Renown level is awarded for different weekly quests, events, and campaigns that demand a lot of effort.

For example, you can reach Level 21 by completing the lengthy campaigns with only one renown point per chapter. The two Maw quests of Shaping Fate and Replenish the Reservoir are required and they may be rather boring or even impossible to complete because of a huge number of people who are also striving to make them.

You do not need to wait so long and do a lot of weekly grind to get your next Renown level. Just buy the Covenant Renown Level boost from and our professional players will do everything for you. With your purchase of the boost, you will receive:

  • Farming up to 80 Renown levels with any Covenant you have chosen.
  • The full completion of the Covenant Campaign (the completion can be partial if you order this) at the level you opt for.
  • The Covenant Transmogrification set.
  • Soulbinds repairing and upgrading and Deepening Bond receiving.
  • Renown level 44 Shadowlands flying.
  • Renown level 45 Covenant flying mount and some other epic mounts, such as Eternal Phalynx of Purity.
  • Maw zone recipes, cosmetics, and toys< for example, Kyrian Hearthstone.
  • The gear ilvl increase for unrated PvP and completing the World Quest at levels 30, 61, and 75.

The boosting ETA depends on the Renown level of your choice. It can be from approximately one day up to 17 weeks. The time also depends on the level you are currently at.

Info to Learn

Therefore, to save your time and effort, opt for service and enjoy your gameplay. Every next Covenant Renown level will grant you better rewards and powers. The quality of the rewards does not depend on the Covenant you have chosen but only on the level. If you are interested and want to learn more about the very process, go to the section ‘Details’ for more information. Or you may also contact our support managers via JivoChat, Discord, or Skype.

However, if you want to get the fastest and highest boost, check whether your account satisfies all the basic requirements for this level. You can check this in the section ‘Requirements’.


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