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Covenant Campaign

Covenant Campaign
  • EU
  • US
  • Kyrian Campaign
  • Necrolords Campaign
  • Night Fae Campaign
  • Venthyr Campaign


The new World of Warcraft expansion, which is called Shadowlands starts from some interesting thing in the plot. This is Covenant system, which will separate players the more than 2 sides to do their adventure much interesting. But to get access to all advantages of the chosen covenant, you should complete all their campaigns. It’s boring and spends a lot of time. That’s why we provide for your special Covenant campaign Boost.

Do them all. Work until it has been done. Get the lot experience, and start dungeoning, faster than others!

How it works

At first, we should confirm the details of Covenant campaign Boost. Which covenant you chose, how many time you need, how can you get us access for your account. Also, we use the VPN of your country to do this best!

Then all are confirmed, we will start playing on your character, and do all questline as fast as we can. We will play buy 1 or 2 sessions to complete all quests, and then we can back for your control of your account!


To order our service, you should be assumed about these regular requirements:

  1. You have shadowlands.
  2. You uncheck your Authenticator.
  3. Your character not below 50.

No gear requirements, No special things. Only SL and sharing access for ours!

Don’t waste your time on boring things, enjoy serious challenges! Buy Covenant campaign Boost!

Available options

We provide some special options for your Covenant campaign Boost:

  1. Pilot-mode. 
  2. Level boost.
  3. Unlock covenants. 
  4. Extra-fast boost.


Until it is done, we will work for you, and farm some special things. You will get.

  1. One of 4 covenant campaigns — Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord, Night Fae.
  2. Lots of achievements.
  3. A lot of loot.
  4. Access to part of Covenant transmogrifications sets.
  5. A bit Anima.
  6. A part of Shadowlands loremaster achievement!

Also, gold, pleasure, and economy of your time and nerves!