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Castle Nathria Normal Run

Castle Nathria Normal Run
  • EU
  • US
  • Piloted
  • Self Play
  • Personal loot
  • Add 1 trader
  • Add 2 traders
  • Add 3 traders
  • Add 4 traders
  • Add 5 traders
  • Add 6 traders
  • Add 7 traders
  • Add 8 traders
  • Add 9 traders

Sire Denathrius is a traitor. He wants to get all of Anima and put them into the Maw. Come on Hero! You must stop him, and kill. Go to the Caste Nathria — 1st raid in the Expansion of the world of Warcraft: shadowlands. 

Here you can find the new incarnation of epic hero from the past expansions of World of Warcraft — Prince Kael’thas. The raid has some wings where you will fight with the most epics bosses like: 

Hungering Destroyer, Artificer Xy'mox, Council of Blood, Sludgefist, Stoneborne Generals, and a lot of others. Also at the final of the raid, Sire Denathrius — the biggest evil and traitor, what has a deal with jailer will wait for Azeroth’s heroes.

If you can’t find the group to normal carry run into the Castle Nathria, we can provide you our special offer. Balalaikaboost is the most professional team of the best players of World of Warcraft ever. We:

  • Will carry your normal run.
  • Give you all gear, what you will drop through raid progress.
  • Guarantee safe of your order. No one will know what you ask for help to get the best Gear in SL.
  • From Raidrun you'll get 200 ilvl gear. From last 2 bosses, dropped gear is 207.

Also we get a Trade option. If you choose them, other players with same type of armor, can trade you, needed gear. You can choose, how many traders will give you clothes (1-7)

We’re cheapest, fastest, and much more professional than other raiders in Wow. We can guarantee no wipe run in normal mode.

How it works

At first, you need to check the requirements to get the Castle Nathria. After that, you can order the service, which we provide. From your order to start raid we need a bit of time to collect the group of our professional raider boosters.

You can get special options to Normal carry run Castle Nathria, like:

  • Pilot-play. This function is means, that you no need to be online when the raid will on. Our professional booster will play on your character, by sharing access to your account.
  • Self-play. Much more safe way to get an extra-fast run. You will play and watch how our booster team will carry you to get full normal-run.
  • All gear drop will be shared with you.

Note: Also we have a special option — Full gear run for Castle Nathria. Order it if you need full 200+ item level character

What you will have

When you order our service of World of Warcraft: castle Nathria normal run, you can get:

  • Achievement from raid finish.
  • Legendary effects from Sire Denathrius (not 100% droprate). 
  • Full carry from start raid.

A lot of epics items with ilvl more than 200.


To getting our World of Warcraft normal run carry of Castle Nathria, you should check the requirements:

  • Get The Wow SL expansion.
  • Your character is 60 lvl.
  • You can share access to our boosters (for piloted mode).

We have no special requirements for your gear.

Don’t waste your time. Start the Castle Nathria just now, and be one of the first, who will defeat Sire Denathrius.